A Scintillating Story of Magnificent Proportions.


New York composer and music producer David Lucas has spent years perfecting an age old recipe for Bloody Marys. It all started with his Grandfather Max Helfman who worked at New York’s famed Luchow’s restaurant back in the thirties. Max knew Fernand Petiot and George Jessel who both claimed to have invented the Bloody Mary cocktail. Grandpa made his own version at Luchow’s and passed it down to the family.

Luchow'sMax HelfmanOver the years Lucas added a new touch here and there. He picked up a new ingredient from an old Jimmy Cagney movie and kept altering the proportions slightly. Having spent much time in Jamaica, he called upon best friend Bentley “Bob” Taylor to find the perfect hand picked peppers. Research has shown that most people want a full bodied, aromatic, great tasting “bloody” without the throat pain from a Tabasco type hot sauce.

BobThe unique product concept came from the fact that Bloody Marys are very complicated and a problem to make from scratch. He found himself pulling out 16 ingredients, mixing a drink, then having to put them all back and when he wanted another, he had to start all over again. So to rectify that “problem” he took out a bowl and put all the ingredients in together so he could just add a teaspoon full when he wanted to make another. “No problem!”

Lucas knew that people, who liked Bloody Marys, liked tomato juice and should be able to use their favorite juice whether it be Sacramento, Campbell’s, V8, Clamato etc and never have to resort to any of the ready made “mixes” on the market.

That led to making batches for friends and family which became so popular that in 1985 he decided to bottle it. David’s Jamaican inspiration Bob, was delighted to have the product named after him.

Bob's Notable Clients “Bob’s” was an instant success selling in places like Zabar’s, Dean & DeLuca, Balducci’s, The Haymarket and hundreds of gourmet and specialty stores across the country. It was also used in restaurants like Joe Allen’s, Barbetta, the White Horse Saloon, Morton’s, El Parador and many others who liked it because it made a consistent, great tasting Bloody with no problem and less cost and waste than with a premix.

For 25 years Bob’s has been the secret ingredient in making the perfect, easiest and TASTIEST Bloody Marys ever. Now, the secret is out and yours to enjoy. Ask for it at your favorite gourmet stores and bars.

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Brendan March 27, 2012 at 3:14 pm

Hi there – I’ve been doing some research on the old NYC restaurant – Luchow’s and I came upon your website mentioning that your grandfather had bartended there. That is so cool! I went to the original 14th Street location before it closed in the early 80’s and have fond memories of it. Im actually interested in seeing any old photographs of it and not sure if you might have any you could share… My name and email is Brendan – bmcclean1@gmail.com
Thanks and hope to hear from you!


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